We have been collaborating with the university for organizing tailored made Executive training programs with the subject of Industry 4.0. In addition to the programs, we have been arranging the experience tour of the demonstration factory 4.0 to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Industry 4.0.

The purpose of the demonstration factory is to create innovative area in which empirical research and advanced training can be conducted in a realistic production environment. The production infrastructure shows the demands confronting future high-end production in high-wage locations.

This is based on a production plant that manufactures prototypes and pre-serial products to realize a continuous factory operation. The demonstration factory demonstrates the entire value-added chain from manufacturing to assembling different product groups. The spectrum of the adaptable production ranges from building prototype bodies for electrically driven vehicles to the pre-serial production of a pedelec-driven Fun-Sport-Kart of the company e.GO mobile AG. This provides a unique opportunity to research systemic and logistical production issues on the basis of empirical data.

Interested partners can test, validate and further develop their production concepts. Along with the use of the production systems, the services offered by the demonstration factory comprise the provision of a practical environment to test and validate IT systems for planning and controlling production processes as well as solid basic and advanced training in the various disciplines of production management.


Aachen & Cologne, Germany


1-7 Days